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Using the Manage Dates Tool Within Course Admin

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2. Then, navigate to Site Resources and select Manage Dates.

Screenshot of Course Admin page showing to select Manage Dates located under Site Resources.

3. You can filter course objects that display by selecting Specific Tools in the filter options. In this example, we will select Content.

Screenshot of Manage Dates window showing to select the Specific Tools under Filter by Tool and to select Content checkbox.

4. You can also specify Advanced Filter Options by clicking on Show Advanced Filter Options such as name, due date, duration or calendar or calendar status. Select Apply Filer.

Screenshot of the Show Advanced Filter Options
Screenshot of Manage Dates page navigating to Calendar Status section and select the Displayed in Calendar checkbox then select the apply Filter below the Calendar Status.

5. You can select specific course objects or all course objects. In this example, we will select all. Select Bulk Offset Dates to move the availability of course objects forward or backward by a specified number of days.

Screenshot showing to select the first checkbox below Apply Filter to select all selection then to select Bulk Offset Dates next to Bulk Edit Dates.

6. The Bulk Offset Dates screen will appear and in the Dates to Offset section, select whether you want to offset the Due Dates, Start Dates, or End Dates for course objects.

Scrrenshot of Bulk Offset Dates then under Dates to Offset, select Due Date, Start Date, End Date and other activity dates.

7. Choose whether you want to move the selected course objects forward, backward, or calculated based on two dates. If you select Calculated based on two dates, you will be prompted to select a Start and End Date between these selections and move course objects and backward based on this calculation.

Screenshot showing to selectCalculate range between two dates radio button below  Offset by direction and range radio button.

8. From the Days menu, we will offset the Due, Start, and dates for course objects by moving them forward 140 days. When you're ready, select Save.

Screenshot of Bulk Offset Dates window navigating to Range section under Days then to enter a range of 140 then select Save.

You are done. Great job!

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Lou Vasquez

Found these tools interesting and helpful not sure how much I will use them. I will use them as I can.

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