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Setting Dates for Modules (or any items) Included within Course Content

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1. To begin, navigate to the Content tab in the top left corner. Find the module you'd like to edit - in this example, we will use "A- Module 1: Beginning the Memoir."

Select the 'Add Date and Restrictions' option below the title of the module.

Screenshot navigating to the Content tab located in the navbar before Calendar.
Screenshot of A- Module 1:Beginning the Memoir module showing to select Add dates and restrictions... located below the module title.

2. You can then set a start date and time that you want the content to become available to learners. Similarly, you can set a due date and time by which learners are expected to have reviewed the content and an end date where access to the content will be revoked.

At a minimum, the end date must be established so the content will appear in Brightspace Pulse.

Screenshot showing to select "Add start date" under "Start Date," "Add due date" under "Due Date" and "Add end date" under "End Date" located below the module title.
Screenshot showing newly added start date, due date, and end date located below the module title.

Set the end date for the last day of the course so that it remains available to learners

3. When you're done, find the blue 'Update' button and click it. Your new Start, Due and End Dates will display and the content will be visible in Brightspace Pulse.

Screenshot showing to select the blue Update button located at the bottom of the window.
Screenshot showing the updated Start Date, Due date, and End dates located below the module title.


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