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Adding general "events" to your Calendar

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1. To begin, from the Course Calendar, select the blue "Create Event" button.

Screenshot navigating to the Course Calendar and then selecting the Create Event button

2.  A Create Event page will generate. If you want to associate course content with the event, select "Add Content".

Screenshot of Create Event window showing to select Add Content under Title

3. An Add Content window will appear. Browse the content and select the content you want to add to the event then select the "Add" button to confirm your selection.

Screenshot of Add Content window showing to select A-Module1: Beginning the Memoir and to select Add button

By default, the added content becomes the event title.

Screenshot showing A- Module 1: Beginnig the Memoir as the title under REA091_M

4. You also can click "Use custom name" to give the event a different title. Enter a title for the event.

Screenshot showing to select Use custom name and to enter "Beginning the Memoir" as the event title

5. Then enter a description to provide learners with additional details about the event.

Screenshot showing to eneter a description below the event title field.

6. Next, set the date and time for the event. You can select "Add Recurrence" to repeat the event. The event will automatically display indefinitely in the calendar when you create it. If you would like to hide or set visibility for the event, you can do so by "Adding Restrictions".

Screenshot showing how to set the date and time for the event in the When section and to either Add a Recurrence or Add Restriction

7. Next, enter a location to inform learners where the event will take place. When you are done, select "Create".

Screenshot showing how to enter a location for the event and then to select Create at the bottom of the window

8. To view the event in the calendar click the "Month" tab. The event will display in the calendar and it will also display in the calendar widget, if you have enabled it on the course homepage.


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