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Setting Dates within the Assignments Tool to Display in the Pulse App

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1. To begin, from Assignments, select the drop-down menu of the assignment that you want to edit and select Edit Assignment.

Screenshot of the Assignments section showing to select the drop-down arrow next to Activity: Taking Notes: Two Column Notes and then to select Edit Assignment after View Submission and before Hide from Users option

2. A new window will appear where you can add a start date when an assignment becomes available to learners, an end date when the access to the activity is revoked and a due date that learners are expected to have completed the assignment.

At a minimum, the due date must be established so the activity will appear in the Brightspace Pulse.

Navigate to Availability Dates & Conditions, set your desired Start Date and time and End Date and time.

Screenshot of the Availability Dates & Conditions section that show the set Start Date and time and the set End Date and Time

3. Then, navigate to Due Date and set a date and time. When you are ready, select Save and Close.

Screenshot of Edit assignment window navigating to Due Date section to set due date and time and to select Save and Close in the bottom

4. Your availability details will display and the assignment will appear in Brightspace Pulse.


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