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Panopto: Video Retention Policy

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Pima Community College's Panopto Video Retention Policy Details

Any videos in Panopto not viewed for 13 or more months are automatically archived every year on May 28th. Archived videos are easily restored by following the instructions on our article Panopto: Restoring Archived Videos.

Archived videos are automatically deleted every year on May 28th after not being viewed for a total of 36 or more months (13 months before being archived + 23 or more months in archive).

Employees and students are responsible for the records management and data classification and handling of the records created during the course of business and coursework. For more information on records management and data classification and handling for employees please review the Information Assurance and Records (IAR) Intranet page. Employees and students may send your questions to [email protected].

Exempting Videos From This Policy

Panopto allows for users to create folders exempt from the video retention policy above by setting the folder retention policy to Retain Content Indefinitely. Please see our article Panopto: Modifying Folder Retention Policies for details on how to exempt folders.


Please contact the ALT Team with any questions you have related to Panopto.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions on data retention requirements.


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