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Panopto: Adding a Panopto Video Quiz to D2L

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Step-by-step Directions

image showing to select Existing Activities dropdown located after the Upload/Create dropdown within the module.
image showing to select Panopto Quiz within the Exisiting Activities dropdown
First image shows to select the folder navigation dropdown and then select the folder containing the video quiz. Second, image shows to select the video with the quiz below the dropdown. Finally, select the Insert button located below video selection and the cancel button.
image showing to select Add a grade item... located under the video quiz in the Activity Details' Assessment section.
image showing to select the + button next to the Grade Item dropdown and before the Save button
Image showing to first add a name to the Name section. Second, adjust the maximum points locationed under the description section. Finally, select Create at the bottom of the pop-up after you have adjust any other grade item settings.
image showing to select the Save button located after the + button and before the Cancel button in the Assessment section of the Activity Details area on the bottom of the page
image showing the grade item has now been added to the Panopto video quiz

You are done. Great job!


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