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Panopto: Minimum Tech Requirements

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Panopto can be used by faculty, staff, and students for viewing videos and recording videos. Viewing videos and recording videos using Panopto Capture can be done within a web browser. Panopto also offers the ability record videos using their Panopto App that can be downloaded and installed on your computer, tablet, or phone.

For the best experience viewing videos and recording videos with Capture, Panopto works optimally in:

  • Google Chrome - To download the latest version of Google Chrome, visit Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox - To download the latest version of Google Chrome, visit Mozilla Firefox

Minimum Tech Requirements for Viewing Videos and Recording using Panopto Capture

For the most up-to-date requirements for viewing videos using Panopto Capture on your browser, please visit Learn About the Requirements for Using the Panopto Video Management System on the Panopto Support site.

Minimum Tech Requirements for using the Panopto App

For the most up-to-date requirements for using the Panopto App, please visit the following site based on your Operating System:


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