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Panopto: Sharing a Video Outside of Pima

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Our institutional settings within Panopto automatically provides the ability to share your videos to faculty, staff, and students using their Pima Panopto accounts. This means they have to log in to their Panopto account to view the video. You can share the video to people outside of Pima that does not require them to have and/or sign into a Panopto account. In order to do this, you must adjust the share settings for the video and the steps to achieve this are shown below.

Step by step Instructions

Image showing to select Share next to a thumbnail image of the video you are changing the settings on. It’s located to the left of the settings icon.
image showing the share settings of a video and the Change option being selected under the Who can access this video section in the middle of the page
image showing the share settings of a video and the Public (unlisted) option being selected in the drop-down menu.

You are done. Great job!


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