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Panopto: Adding a Panopto Login To a D2L Course

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Panopto will need to be manually added to your D2L course. If you are using a PimaOnline Master Course, then please check to see if a Panopto login link has already been added to your course.

You only need to add a Panopto link to a course if you and your student would like to record content as part of your course. If you are using a PimaOnline Master Course that has Panopto video for viewing only, then you do not need to add a Panopto Login link to your course.

Step-by-step Instructions

image showing to select the External Learning Tools option from the Exisiting Activities dropdown menu
Image showing to select Panopto Video
image showing to select Edit Properties in Place on the dropdown menu next to the Panopto Video link
image showing to check the Open as External Resource box loacted below the Panopto Video Content link

You are done. Great job!


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