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Panopto: Recommended Syllabus Language

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The recommend language below may need to be adapted based on your course needs and how you will use Panopto. Feel free to use this language in your syllabus and adjust it for your needs.

Videos in this course are made available with Panopto. To be successful using Panopto to view videos  you will need a reliable internet connection as well as a computer, phone, or tablet with speakers and/or headphones. This tool is fully integrated with D2L and doesn't require any additional sign on information. Simply select the video link found in the Content module and the video will play within D2L.

Learn more about about Panopto:

If your students will be using Panopto to record video assignments, use the following additional language:

Additionally, students will be required to record video using Panopto for this course. To be successful in your recordings you will need a webcam, headphones with a microphone, and a computer with at least a 1.8GHz or higher processor and 1GB of RAM.


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