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Panopto: Editing Recommendations (Read Before Editing Videos)

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There are limited options for editing video in Panopto, but they are not recommended if you need to edit anything more that cutting a little off the end and/or beginning.

Editing in Panopto is nondestructive. This means the edits are not actually changing the video file. Instead, any cuts to the videos made by Panopto's editor simply tell Panopto what to stream and what not to stream when someone plays the video.

Furthermore, any edits made in Panopto can break the provided captions making it so some captions appear and others near the edits do not.

If you need to make significant edits to a video, then do not use Panopto to edit the video. See below for more information.

Trimming off the Beginning and/or End of a Video

If you only need to make minor edits to trim off the beginning or end of a video, then it will be okay to use Panopto's editor. Please see our guide Panopto: Trimming a Video to learn more about making these edits with Panopto.

Making Internal and/or Permanent Edits to Panopto Videos

If you need make any internal and/or permanent edits to your Panopto videos, then you will want to use another software to edit the video.

The ALT Team uses ClipChamp for our video editing needs. ClipChamp is owned by Microsoft and has excellent free options for high-quality video editing.

To edit videos recorded in Panopto, you will need to do the following 3 steps:

  1. Download your Panopto Video. See our guide Panopto: Downloading a Video to learn how to download your Panopto video.
  2. Edit the video with another software such as ClipChamp.
  3. Upload the edited file to Panopto. See our guide Panopto: Uploading a Video to learn how to upload your edited video to Panopto.


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