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Panopto: Accessing Panopto at Pima

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Panopto is Pima Community College's video recording, lecture capture, and video storage platform. Panopto can be accessed from several different locations, such as from within D2L and outside of D2L. Select the option below that best fits how you will be accessing Panopto.

Option #1: Accessing Panopto Outside of D2L

Go to login.panopto.com (opens in a new tab).

Image showing the login.panopto.com screen where the email entry text box is first highlighted with a box and arrow so users can enter their Pima email address. Then the Next button is highlighted with a box and arrow to show its selection
image showing the MyPima sign-in screen. The Username and Password text boxes are highlighted in the box on the right side of the screen. The LOGIN button is then selected.
image showing the home dashboard view within Panopto with videos in the center of the screen and a menu on the left-hand side.

You are done. Great job!


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