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Panopto: Navigating the Video Viewer

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This article will provide features about Panopto's interactive viewer. Take caution that if there is any issues with Panopto through D2L, troubleshoot or select one of the following links to assist you:

Panopto: Minimum Tech Requirements

Panopto: Video Player Quick Guide

Panopto viewer provides accessibility features for interacting with the Panopto interface. It supports screen readers for the creator and viewer interfaces, as well as keyboard access and displaying captions.

Panopto Video Viewer

Information bar: Toolbar that is located on the top of the Panopto viewer. It shows you the name, date, and folder that the video belongs to. There is a 5 star rating system to rate the video, a help drop-down button, and a sign out to the top right of the player.

Image of the Panopto information bar on the top of the viewer screen. It has the file location/name, rating, help icon, and sign out.

Primary video/audio stream: Located in the upper left hand corner of the Panopto video viewer. This section will usually show the video of the presenter.

Note: The primary video window won't show if there is just a primary audio that is uploaded.

Image of the main Panopto viewer screen. The primary screen on the top left is highlighted in red with an arrow pointing to its direction.
The 5 other components of the Panopto video viewer
Details, Contents, Captions, Audio Descriptions, Notes, Bookmarks, and Discussion:
  • Details: Depending on the content of the Panopto video. This section includes the tags that the creator has assigned to the video, the video's title and description, and the creator's name. If a meeting was recorded, the meeting's details such as the date, time, location, and participants will be present.
  • Contents: Table of contents entries, including timestamps are located in this section.
  • Captions: The creator can input captions for the video. It will include a transcript of everything that is said.
  • Audio Descriptions: The creator can add this feature in to give an audio description, especially for the visually impaired to be able to understand the visual context.
  • Notes: A section where you can keep all your notes to view at your discretion.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks save a certain spot so you can go back to it. This can be searched in the search option.
  • Discussion: Leaving a public note on the video for other's to see.
Image of the Panopto viewer bottom left section. This includes details, contents, captions, audio descriptions, discussion, notes, and bookmarks.
Secondary Video/Audio Stream:

Located to the upper right of the Panopto video viewer. This is the area you can see the secondary video, screen capture, and visual presentations

Note: An icon will appear at the bottom if there is more then one secondary stream. If needed, you can alternate between the streams.

Image of the Panopto viewer secondary screen to the right of the screen.
Viewer Controls:

This viewer control toolbar allows you to utilize video playback, volume, speed, and quality.

Image of the Panopto viewer controls below the secondary screen on the right of the screen.
Video Thumbnails:

This gives you the option to navigate to different parts of the video.

Image of the Panopto viewer video thumbnail below the video controls on the bottom right.

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