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Panopto: Creating a Video Assignment in D2L

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Within D2L, students can submit video assignments using Panopto and the Insert Stuff feature. This article will walk you through the process of creating an assignment that allows for Panopto videos to be inserted and how to grade them.


Students who have never used Panopto will need to access Panopto to generate their creator account before they will be able to complete an assignment in D2L. They can do this through a Panopto access link you include in your course. Signing in will automatically create their account. 

Part 1: Creating a Panopto Video Assignment
image showing the New Assignment page in D2L and the drop-down arrow next to Submissions & Completion on the right side of the window. Underneath Submission type on the right side of the screen, the Text submission option is selected. In the bottom right corner, the Save and Close button is selected.

Congrats! Students will now be able to submit videos to this assignment using the Insert Stuff button in the Rich Text Editor.

Once a student submits their assignment they will not have the ability to edit their submitted Panopto video. Before they submit, they could make a copy of their video and add it to their My Folder in Panopto.

Part 2: Grading the Assignment with Video Submission
image showing the D2L Assignments page and a number 1 button being selected underneath the New Submissions column in the middle of the screen.
image showing the grading page for D2L Assignments. A video in a video player is shown on the left side of the screen within the Text Submission box. The Publish button is selected in the bottom right corner of the page.

Congrats! You have now graded a student submitted video in assignments using Panopto.

You are done. Great job!


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