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Panopto: Creating a Student Submission Folder

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Panopto allows for an Assignment Folder to be created within a course folder that automatically assigns limited creator rights to the students enrolled in the course and allows them to submit videos to this folder. By default, students are not able to see or view other student submissions within the Assignment Folder. This can be changed within the Settings for the Assignment Folder. Instructions on this optional setting change are at the end of this article. 

Students who have never used Panopto will need to access Panopto to generate their creator account before they will be able to complete an assignment in D2L. They can do this through a Panopto access link you include in your course. Selecting the Panopto Access link in your course will automatically create their account.


Asynchronous Video Tutorial

For more information on this guide or if you prefer to follow a video tutorial see video below.

Step-by-step Directions

image showing the course folder settings pop-up window on the Overview Tab and the newly created Assignment Folder being highlighted under Assignment Folder.
image showing the course folder and the Assignment folder being highlighted in the folder bar under the course folder name and search bar.
image showing the Assignment Folder page in Panopto with the Settings (gear) icon being selected in the upper right corner of the window.
image showing the Assignment Folder settings in a pop-up window. The Settings tab on the left-hand side is highlighted, the checkbox next to Allow viewers to see each other's sessions is selected, and the Close (X) button in the upper right corner is selected.

Congrats! Students are now able to view other students' submissions, but cannot edit them.

You are done. Great job!


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