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Panopto: Adding Videos to Panopto Student Assignment Folders

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If you are reading this, then it is likely your course has a Panopto assignment asking you to submit video content. This article will help you understand the options you have for either recording a video directly in the Panopto assignment folder with Panopto Capture, or for uploading a video you recorded elsewhere.

If you have never used Panopto before, you will need to access Panopto to generate your Creator account before you will be able to complete an assignment in D2L. You can do this through a Panopto access link your instructor has included in your course as show below on Step 1.

Video Instructions

If your instructor has not created a Panopto Assignments folder in your course, then please reach out to the ALT Team ([email protected]) to get Creator access in Panopto. After you have Creator access then you may use the below methods to add videos to D2L Discussions and Assignments.

For a step-by-step guide see Panopto: Using Panopto for D2L Discussions.

Step-by-step Instructions

image showing to select the Assignment folder button located above the video thumbnails
image showing to select the +Create dropdown menu located above the Home option on the side menu

Are you recording the video with Panopto or uploading a video to Panopto?

Select Panopto Capture.

Follow the instructions for recording with Panopto Capture by going to Panopto: Recording Videos with Panopto Capture.

image showing to select Panopto Capture from the dropdown menu

Select Upload Media.

Follow the instructions for uploading videos to a Panopto folder by going to Panopto: Uploading a Video.

image showing to select Panopto Capture from the dropdown menu

You are done. Great job!


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